The Veritas Mission

The mission statement, in brief, outlines VVG's approach. But to elaborate, first, we focus on relationship, because life, especially for Christian people, isn't primarily about money or accomplishment, but rather relationship – our relationship with God and with each other. Therefore, our interest in an athlete extends far beyond athletics and contracts into his personal and spiritual development as we seek a lifelong relationship and friendship. It is in this Spirit that VVG proceeds.

Second, VVG focuses on excellence. We're in the business of athletics and we are committed to maximizing the athletic potential of our clients because, ultimately, athletic performance and accomplishment is what we offer, through our clients, to the professional sports community. We execute this by analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of a player through film study and direct input from professional player personnel staff. We further the analysis through workouts with our training staff. Based on those results, we establish a program to develop the player's game to meet the needs and demands of professional competition. We then facilitate the execution of a tailor-made workout regime in order to best prepare our athletes for pre-draft workouts and training camps. In addition, we partner with cutting edge nutritional companies to maximize a player's physical potential through diet and vitamin supplements and with sports psychologist to improve each player's mental approach and attitude.

Third, stemming from the athletic achievements, we believe virtually all professional basketball players should be able to establish financial independence for themselves beyond their playing years. This begins with the appropriate placement of a player based on their situation which ultimately results in negotiating the difficult decision of whether to play here in the States or to play internationally. It continues with procuring a playing contract that maximizes the player's value and securing endorsements for the player to enhance revenue streams. Lastly, VVG exhorts its players to live a lifestyle that allows for substantial investment during their relatively limited playing years because absent such commitment, the high-earning portion of a player's life can evaporate without an adequate financial foundation being established. Financial independence primarily is achieved through a disciplined savings and investment program and VVG is committed to facilitating that for every athlete. In particular, VVG specializes in real estate investment and other outside-the-box opportunities, in addition to encouraging investment in more traditional stocks and bonds.

We call it holistic representation. In sum, we care, and we will be there for our clients through good and bad, through triumph and tragedy, for better or worse.

Welcome to VVG: Relational Trust, Athletic Excellence, Financial Reward.